Friday , April 27 2018
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Japan, Vietnam ties can boost ag exports

Japan, Vietnam ties can boost ag exports

TOKYO: The former Minister of Agriculture of Japan, Takebe Tsutomu, said Vietnam is selling mangoes, dragon fruit and bananas to Japan, but these fruits are only for desserts, while the country has a huge demand for other products used in every meal, such as carrots, onions, ginger and vegetables. While more and more Vietnamese agro-products, such as dragon fruit, mangoes, bananas, rice and tuna, have been shipped to the Japanese market, Tsutomu said Vietnamese exporters can do better if they are able to identify and meet the exact demand of Japanese consumers.

For instance, he elaborated, the top priority of Japanese consumers is food safety, so Vietnamese businesses should ensure the land and water used in their production are safe. He went on to say that, in order to get a better grasp of the Japanese economy, he encourages farmers, businessmen, and students to visit the country to better understand the market they are entering. He made this comment at a New Year’s Interview discussing the trade ties between the two countries’ agriculture sectors, as he is special advisor of the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance.