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Italian police seize €50 million stash of ‘Isis drugs’
A view of the Italian port of Gioia Tauro, in the southern region of Calabria on February 4, 2014. Italy approved its southern port as the transfer site for 560 tons of Syrian chemical weapons material to a US ship and later destroyed at sea as part of the UN-backed plan to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal. AFP PHOTO / Filippo MONTEFORTE / AFP PHOTO / FILIPPO MONTEFORTE

Italian police seize €50 million stash of ‘Isis drugs’

Police in Italy have seized a stash of drugs that they believe Isis planned to sell to finance terrorist attacks, authorities said.
Customs officials discovered more than 24 million pills of a powerful opiate at Italy’s largest container port, south-western Gioia Tauro, according to prosecutors in the nearby city of Reggio Calabria.

The drugs, prescription painkillers called Tramadol, had arrived from India and were destined for Libya, where authorities believe Isis planned to sell them to its own fighters as a fix for pain and exhaustion.

With a price tag of around €2 per pill, the consignment would likely have made the group some €50 million, prosecutors said.

As well as being a money-spinner, Tramadol helps to numb Isis recruits as they wage terror. The group is believed to supply its foot soldiers with painkillers and amphetamines to suppress their fear, pain, hunger and fatigue.

Italian police intercepted an even bigger shipment of Tramadol in May at the port of Genoa, when traffickers attempted to smuggle 36 million pills hidden in bottles of shampoo.

What’s significant in this latest case, according to prosecutors, is that Gioia Tauro port has long been controlled by the region’s organised crime syndicate, the ‘Ndràngheta – which suggests that the group could be collaborating with Islamic State traffickers.