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Israeli Special Ops Troops Thwart Smuggling of Guns from Jordan

Israeli Special Ops Troops Thwart Smuggling of Guns from Jordan

Soldiers of the Border Police’s Tactical Brigade and IDF forces on February 7 thwarted the smuggling of dozens of handguns from Jordan into Israeli territory, the Border Police. This was a complex operational activity that combined very advanced technological means with combat soldiers who operated in a number of ways, including observation, ambushes and confidential methods of operation,” the commander of the operation said.

During the operation, which lasted dozens of hours, the soldiers noticed a suspect trying to cross the border in the northern Jordan Valley with a large bag on his back.

The fighters arrested the suspect while smuggling the weapons. A search of his bag revealed 37 handguns of various kinds.

In addition, the forces were successful in arresting three other suspects who were waiting for the smuggler in two vehicles in Israeli territory. The suspects were supposed to pick him up.

The smuggler is an Arab from the Shechem (Nablus) area in his 40s. The three other suspects are also Arabs from the Shechem area. All were arrested and taken for further investigation by security officials.

The Border Police stated that “the tactical brigade brings to the operational arena of the Israel Police many and varied capabilities that enable creative and sophisticated operational solutions to eradicate crime and combat terror.”

“The combination of advanced technologies and highly trained personnel enabled the operational success and the prevention of smuggling,” it added.

In a somewhat related development, a female Arab who arrived at the Qalandiya crossing in northern Jerusalem from Ramallah on Sunday and was arrested after she was found to be carrying a knife.

Later on in the day, a female Arab from Shechem (Nablus) was arrested at the Qalandiya crossing after she raised the suspicions of a security guard operating at the crossing.