Thursday , July 19 2018
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ISPs asked to improve services, upgrade to 4G

ISPs asked to improve services, upgrade to 4G

KABUL: MoCIT also asked telecommunications companies to expand their services so that all areas in the country have internet access. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT) has asked all telecommunications companies in Afghanistan to upgrade their current 3G internet services to 4G.

The ministry also called on the telecommunications companies to make sure that communication services reach remote and disadvantaged regions of the country in the near future. Afghans are not happy with the coverage of internet services in the country – thirteen years after the country first introduced IT services and internet services.

Currently internet services reach 23 provinces. An estimated five million subscribers in Afghanistan use the internet every day.

The communication ministry claims that within five years all regions of Afghanistan will benefit from internet services with the help of satellite and fiber optics.

“We hope that companies also upgrade their internet services to 4G. We are working to deliver 4G licenses to all companies. We have also identified those areas where internet services are not working properly. All companies, particularly Salam company, has been directed to upgrade its services in such areas,” said Najib Nangyalai, a spokesman for the ministry.

The ministry said that it has identified at least 46 areas in Kabul where telecommunications companies need to improve coverage. Some residents in the capital have said that even they struggle to access the internet.

“Our problems are resolved, but not quickly; I am not satisfied with internet services in Kabul; this should be fixed,” said Kabul resident, Abdul Saboor.

“I demand the ministry of communication improve internet services and make the prices cheaper, all areas must be provided with access to the internet,” said another Kabul resident Sadam.

This comes six months after the communication ministry announced an open license policy aimed at upgrading the internet services to 4G in Afghanistan; but so far no private telecommunications company has invested in this sector and only one company provides 4G services.