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‘Islamabad IMO surpasses allocated target with collection of Rs1.58m during 2016-17’:  Ali Asad

‘Islamabad IMO surpasses allocated target with collection of Rs1.58m during 2016-17’: Ali Asad

ISLAMABAD: The Customs International Mail Office (IMO) Islamabad generated a surplus collection of Rs1.58million of all duty and taxes. The total revenue collection target was Rs19.57million while the revenue received is Rs21.15million of all duty and taxes for FY2016-17.
Assistant Collector IMO Ali Asad said this while giving an exclusive interview to Customs Today.

He remarked that the IMO showed outstanding performance during FY2016-17 while getting the surplus collection whereas it also seized huge cases of heroin smuggling during said period.

During June FY2016-17, the IMO received Rs1.80million revenue against the allocated target during the month of June FY2016-17 while it surpassed the overall earmarked revenue collection target for FY2016-17.
The Assistant Collector advised CT that the media must highlight the lower staffers who intercept the drugs like heroin. For example, IMO Inspector Shabbir seized a parcel containing two kilogram of heroin at the IMO office Islamabad during the month of June FY2016-17. The same Inspector intercepted another parcel at the Islamabad GPO which was carrying 330 grams of fine quality heroin being sent abroad. Inspector Shabbir not only confiscated the heroin but also tactfully arrested the smuggler who came to book the parcel. The Chairman Federal Board of Revenue not only appreciated the said Inspector but also announced a cash reward for him.
The Assistant Collector especially lauded another Inspector Javed Goraya who intercepted a complicated heroin smuggling case of 420 grams of heroin which was concealed into the shoe-soles. The seized heroin was shipped for Netherlands which was booked through Peshawar on a fake address. The FBR awarded him an Appreciation Letter.

During his three-month tenure, the IMO registered four cases of heroin smuggling and apprehended two persons involved in the said activities.
The IMO received Rs2.09million against the assigned target for April FY16-17 and it did Rs2.4million during the month of March FY16-17. During the month of February, the IMO generated Rs1.90million. During the month of January FY16-17, the IMO got Rs1.89million whereas it did Rs1.81million during the month of December FY16-17.
He further told Customs Today that during the month of November FY16-17, the IMO collected Rs1.80million while it did Rs1.81million and also the IMO generated Rs1.64million during the month of September FY16-17.
Ali Asad told CT that during the month of August FY16-17, the IMO received Rs1.47million while it did Rs1.13million during the month of July FY2016-17.