Thursday , June 27 2019
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Investors ‘Leaving Country’ As Insecurity Increases

Investors ‘Leaving Country’ As Insecurity Increases

Officials from Afghan Traders Council in Dubai on Sunday said that a big number of Afghan and foreign investors have transferred their capitals from Afghanistan to Turkey and United Arab Emirates over the past year due to an increase in insecurity.

They urged government to maintain security of investors in the country.

“Security is the only demand of investors from government,” said Obaidullah Saderkhail, head of Afghan Traders Council in Dubai. “Investors are trying to work everywhere, but they need safety.”

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said some investors are interested to invest abroad due to better investment facilities in some foreign countries.

The ACCI deputy chief Khan Jan Alokozay said Turkey and Uzbekistan have provided good facilities for investors which have grabbed the attention of Afghan businessmen.

“Kidnapping and insecurity are the main problems for traders which have not been resolved so far,” said Alokozay.

Some investors said insecurity and kidnapping threatens their families and that they have to take their families out of the country to ensure their safety.

“Afghan businessmen should not take their business out of the country but it is not a problem if they are taking their families abroad for their safety. Afghanistan needs us at the moment,” said Jalaluddin, an investor from Kandahar.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce did not comment in this regard.