Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Indian Gujarat Police seize bootleg liquor worth Rs 6 crore in Dec

Indian Gujarat Police seize bootleg liquor worth Rs 6 crore in Dec

SURAT: Indian police have seized Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) worth Rs 6 crore in December itself at different entry points to the state from the Union territory of Daman.

Of the total seizure, around Rs 4 crore worth of liquor was held by Navsari police while Valsad police had seized liquor and vehicles worth Rs 2 crore.

A total of 371 prohibition-related cases were registered in the bordering district of Valsad and 411 accused were arrested in this regard. Interestingly, 35 bikes were also seized by police that were used for transporting liquor.

The bootleggers arrested used trucks, car, auto-rickshaw and bikes to transport to various locations.

The liquor seized by police in south Gujarat was sent from Daman and police are investigating the cases. Further investigation is on in the cases to nab the persons who ordered the IMFL consignment.

Navsari local crime branch (LCB) seized a truck carrying 1,058 boxes containing liquor worth Rs 31 lakh on Monday. With that Navsari police’s total seizure crossed Rs 4 crore-mark in December. They also seized the truck worth Rs 15 lakh from near Matvad village of Navsari district.

Apart from LCB other police stations in Navsari also seized around Rs 70 lakh worth liquor and vehicles.

“Investigations in majority of the cases revealed that the liquor supply was meant for New Year parties. Navsari police seized liquor and vehicles over Rs 4 crore since December 1. The liquor trafficking remains high during December,” said N P Gohil, police inspector, Navsari LCB.

“In 2013, the total seizure was around Rs 3.5 crore but this year it has nearly doubled. It is an interesting case study for police,” said Nilesh Jajadiya, superintendent of police, Navsari district.