Sunday , January 21 2018
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Indian ATS arrests weapon smuggler

Indian ATS arrests weapon smuggler

JAISALMER: Indian Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) has arrested a weapon smuggler from Gujarat’s Bhuj area who bought guns from Barmer based smugglers, here the other day. These smugglers had allegedly got the guns from Pakistan.

The smuggler from Bhuj, Allahnoor, was produced in a court on Tuesday and sent to 7-day police remand. The ATS is on the lookout for one more Gujarat-based smuggler. Teams are carrying out raids at various places to nab him.

Vishnu Kant, ATS SP said that on December 4,police had recovered fake currency of Rs 2,65,000 and 93 live cartridges manufactured in Pakistan from notorious smuggler Nabia. During his interrogation, it came up that along with the counterfeit currency, around two dozen pistols were also smuggled across the border. One of the smugglers who was arrested from Barmer region was Azia Khan who told ATS and police that two pistols were sold to Allahnoor. Allahnoor confessed that he sold the pistols to another smuggler.

Visnhu Kant said that 16 smugglers have been arrested ever since the gang was busted. Out of them, eight are in police remand. ATS is now trying to expose the nexus by identifying smugglers from Pakistan and India who are involved in cross-border weapon smuggling. ATS till now has not recovered any of the guns smuggled from Pakistan. The SP said, “This year from March to November, around four consignments of fake currency notes, weapons and heroin were smuggled into Indian territory from Pakistan through Barmer border. This clearly shows that it is very easy for smugglers to bring consignments across the border into India.”