Tuesday , July 17 2018
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India, World Bank willing to invest in Kabul’s Shahtoot dam

India, World Bank willing to invest in Kabul’s Shahtoot dam

KABUL: India and the World Bank (WB) have shown interest in investing in Afghanistan’s Shahtoot water dam project,  the minister of water and energy Ali Ahmad Osmani said on Thursday.

This willingness comes amid the country’s dire need for foreign investments in energy production from domestic resources.

Osmani said the economic and technical survey of the project was wrapped up in Kabul last year and that the ministry of water of energy is now in negotiations with the Indians and the World Bank to invest on the project.

The building of Shahtoot dam will help overcome the shortage of clean drinking water to the residents in the capital city. The dam will be constructed on the Kabul river in Chahar Asyab district.

“The Indian government, based on the aid it has provided, is willing to take part in the construction of this dam. Currently the negotiations are going on. The World Bank has also shown interest in participating in the construction of water supply facilities, purification systems and rest of the phases. We are now in talks with India and the World Bank in this respect,” said Osmani.

Economic experts have said that with the consideration of the reduction of underground waters, the government must step up the efforts for the earlier start of work on the dam project to overcome the water shortage in the capital city.

“One of the advantages of Shahtoot Dam is that this will help provide clean drinking water to nearly two million residents of Kabul who are facing water shortages due to the reduction of underground water in the capital.” Said economic expert Samim Sarem.