Saturday , July 21 2018
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Importers for purging Port Qasim Karachi of corrupt officials

Importers for purging Port Qasim Karachi of corrupt officials

MULTAN: The government should develop a concrete strategy to resolve the genuine issues of importers in order to avoid any corruption at the Port Qasim Karachi.

Importers from different parts of the country, especially South Punjab, are facing serious issues at the time of clearance due to corrupt officials of the Port Qasim. Corrupt Officials have too much influence over the Port Qasim Authority for the clearance of their shipments. Port Qasim is controlled and overseen by fraudsters for the clearance of imports.

This was stated by Importer Mian Umer Mukhtar while talking with Customs Today on the Port Qasim situation.

Importer Waseem Akram said that ‘Corrupt Mafia’ has made the access of importers almost impossible and entrance of genuine importers to the Port Qasim is almost a challenge for them due to influence of the black sheep. Port Qasim has been occupied by corrupt criminals and majority of staff members, including P.A Shahid Rizvi, are facing different investigations for misuse of power and corruption. The Federal Board of Revenue should complete all the pending corruption inquires immediately to address the serious issues of importers.

Usman Malik told CT that blackmailers are gulling the innocent importers and creating difficulties for the clearance of goods at Port Qasim Karachi. Delaying tactics in the import shipments for the sake of kickbacks are also damaging the national economy. The purpose of hindrance in the clearance is to compel the importers to pay bribe.

Federal Board of Revenue Chairman should immediately take notice of the Port Qasim staff, especially P.A Shahid Rizvi, to redress the grievances of importers.

Meanwhile, Multan Union of Journalist Abdur Rauf Maan and President Multan Press Club Shakeel Anjum expressed their deep concern over threats to Customs Today staff on publishing facts against Port Qasim Principal Appraiser Shahid Hussain Rizvi. It is a joint democratic responsibility of our media associations to take stand against these corrupt officials for committing violations and hurling threats at the media-persons.