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Helsinki set to become world’s busiest sea port
Port of Helsinki handles 10.6% more cargo during Jan-Mar2017

Helsinki set to become world’s busiest sea port

HELSINKI: Port of Helsinki CEO Kimmo Mäki says that once the year’s data is in, Helsinki may reach top of the list of the busiest passenger traffic ports in the world. Largely due to traffic to and from Estonia, ships in Helsinki’s harbours serve some 12 million passengers a year. Helsinki is currently tied with Dover, England as the busiest passenger ports in the world.

The Port of Helsinki may be ranked the busiest passenger port in the world as soon as this or next year, says the Port of Helsinki’s CEO Kimmo Mäki.

At the moment Helsinki is “essentially completely tied” with the current list-topper, Dover in the south of England, with some 12 million passengers coming through the capital city’s harbours. Mäki says his data is from early this year, and that end-of-year results will reveal more.

“In previous years we’ve always been several million passengers short of the top spot. Last year we were able to close the gap with Dover, the difference was just  a  few percent,” Mäki says. “Helsinki will be the biggest either this year or next if things continue as they have.”

In a May release, the Port of Helsinki announced it would  be working to become the largest passenger port in Europe.

The Port of Helsinki is a company owned by the City of Helsinki. Its seaports include South Harbour, West Harbour and Katajanokka Harbour.