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‘Hard-work followed by Collector Customs Peshawar to meet targets by various auction cells’

PESHAWAR: Collector Customs Gul Rehman at the Customs House Peshawar has said different auction cells have achieved the targets for which hard-work has been followed by the Collector Customs at the MCC Peshawar.

Collector Customs Gul Rehman said this while talking with the Customs officials at the Customs House Peshawar on Wednesday.

He appreciated the role of various auction cells in adding valuable revenue to the net of tax collection of the Customs House Peshawar.

The Kohat Auction Cell of the Model Customs Collectorate Peshawar has generated Rs108.69million revenue during previous FY2016-17 in which it collected Rs81.18million revenue by auctioning off miscellaneous goods and Rs16.72million ST applied on items. The Kohat Auction Cell earned Rs9.44million as A.I.T and Rs1.35million of FED.

The Intelligence & Investigation Auction Cell got Rs114.18million during the same time period in which it did Rs94.07million by selling various items while Rs19.50million was collected as applied ST during FY2106-17.

The Recovery Cell received Rs7.69million in which it did a duty of Rs3.95million by selling miscellaneous goods, Rs3.95million by collecting CD and Rs2.64million by generating ST. The Recovery Cell earned Rs0.99million as A.I.T and Rs0.11million of F.E.D during the whole FY2106-17.

The BG Cell generated an amount of Rs2.89million during the whole FY2016-17 in which it did an amount of Rs2.89million as CD in the previous FY2016-17.

The Assessment Cell collected the revenue target of Rs5.56million in which it did Rs3.49million, Rs3.75million CD and Rs1.33million ST on items. The Assessment Cell earned an amount of Rs0.48million as A.I.T during the same period of time whereas INT Mall office received Rs3.63million during the previous FY in which it did Rs0.75million of CD, Rs1.62million as ST and Rs1.15million of AIT.

In the same way, C.S KHAPAKH generated Rs7.11million revenue for the MCC Peshawar during the same time period in the previous FY2016-17 in which it did Rs0.88million as CD and Rs3.88million of ST with Rs1.66million as AIT.

The collection made by these Customs Auction Cells during previous FY was termed successful and need was felt to increase the revenue collection by looking at the looming capacity of these customs centers.

Collector Customs Gul Rehman also wished all the Customs staff and Pakistanis a happier Eid.