Monday , June 25 2018
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Greece e-commerce turnover rises

Greece e-commerce turnover rises

ATHENS: Turnover of e-commerce in Greece is on the rise, according to figures from European association Ecommerce Europe.

More specifically, turnover in Greece increased to 4.5 billion euros last year from 3.8 billion euros in 2015.

According to the General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection, this rise confirms both Greek consumers’ growing confidence in online markets and the increasing participation of Greek retailers in e-commerce. The latest figures were presented to Parliament a few days ago by the General Secretariat as part of an audit.

According to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the leftist-led government is promoting a draft law that will seek to safeguard the rights and economic interests of consumers. Among the many goals is the facilitation of e-commerce providers, reducing compliance costs and ensuring a level playing field with foreign providers.