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Grand Theft Auto V named most famous game in UK

Grand Theft Auto V named most famous game in UK

LONDON: Grand Larceny Auto V, latest open-world malefaction drama, has just hit outlets. The game has garnered much exaltation for both its depiction and satirical view of American debauchery and, as expected, once again accommodated as a topic for cable news verbalizing heads to expound upon the impact of video game violence.

The fifth title in the Grand Theft Auto series was released in October 2013, and was already just behind the top placed Call of Duty: Black Ops, according to GfK Chart-Track. But its re-release on Play station 4 and Xbox One has pushed Grand Theft Auto 5 into top spot.
The game already held the record for making £94m in its first week after the initial launch last year.

But at its core, Grand Theft Auto is a series about stealing cars, mowing down rival toughs with high-powered weaponry, over-the-top hilarity, and stacking money. The series has evolved from a carnage-filled, top-down 2D game to a carnage-filled, 3D open-world game featuring the best soundtracks in the video game industry.

With a series like Grand Theft Auto, every game has its ups and downs, its pros and cons, and exploring just what ticks people’s boxes can be a blast. Figures show that 58% of all Grand Theft Auto 5 sales were made on Play station 4, with the vast majority coming on Xbox One.