Saturday , July 21 2018
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Govt urged to reimburse refund, rebates

Govt urged to reimburse refund, rebates

LAHORE: Flour exporters who are exporting floors from Punjab, Khaber Pakhtoonkhaw and Balochistan are facing troubles due to the non-issuance of refunds and rebates while a number of mills have been shut down due to the shortage of capital.

Theses views were expressed by Pakistan Floor Mills Association Chairman Riazullah Khan and group leader Asim Raza while talking to reporters .

He said that Pun jab government has been behaving like a step mother with the flour millers and exporters with the three provinces’ millers and exporters.

They said that half of the industry has been closed while the remaining is also passing through the hard time due to shortage of capital funds.

They said that if the refunds were not reimbursed the remaining industry will also be shut down and a crisis of the floor will engulf the country.

The urged the government to reimburse the refund and rebate claims of the flour millers so that they can support their industry in peaceful manners.

Other flour millers including Mian Riaz, Liqaqat ali Khan, Ch Iftikhar Matoo, Mian Shahzad Shafique and others were also present on the occasion.