Monday , July 16 2018
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Govt spends under 30% of development budget

Govt spends under 30% of development budget

KABUL: With only four months left of the current fiscal year, government has still to spend a staggering 72 percent of its development budget for this year.

“We have allocated at least 43 percent (of the budget) but the level of spending of the budget is 28 percent,” said Ajmal Hameed Abulrahimzai spokesman for the Ministry of Finance.

He said departments and ministries that have spent most of their budgets will be prioritized next year.

“We will give priority and the chance to organizations that have succeeded in spending their budgets,” he added.

Ministries of Refugees, Finance, Agriculture and Economy have spent most part of their budgets by investing it in projects.

However, the ministries of telecommunication, defense, transport, border affairs and Hajj and religious affairs have spent the least amount of money so far.

Analysts said the lack of budget spending is among the issues which will increase corruption and affect the generosity of international donors.

“If it is not spent, it is questionable for the international community which finances projects,” said Zabihullah Naseer, an economic affairs analyst.

Reports say that ministries spend the first six months of the fiscal year planning and assessing their development needs and then they focus on the implementation of projects over the next six months. Analysts say this affects budget spend in government organizations.