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Govt should decrease burden of taxes on businessmen: Manzoor-ul –Haq Malik

Govt should decrease burden of taxes on businessmen: Manzoor-ul –Haq Malik

LAHORE: Burden of taxes on the business community put pressure on the businessmen and step put a negative impact on the national economy. Government should facilitate taxpayers instead of heavy tax pressure.

These views were expressed by Manzoor Ul Haq Malik, Regional Chairman, Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) during an exclusive interview with Customs Today.

He said that governments of different countries provide the opportunities of ease of business to the businessmen to encourage them. He said government of also needs to create opportunities and way to do easy trade. If trade will increase traders will pay taxes and national economy will be strengthen.

Pakistani business community having lot of potential of doing business in the world and our industry producing quality of goods, if governments will facilitate and encourage business community national economy will strengthen in future, he added.

Talking about the America President, Donald Trump statement about the Pakistan, Malik said there not any ground that America will put trade embargo on the Pakistan. Adding more, America is Super Power in the World and if he does so, then international community trust will break and Pakistan may face lose.

He said that Government should need to decrease cost of doing business. If the Pakistani products cost will be low in the international market sales will become easily and International buyer moves and buy the Pakistani Products.

“Further said that Pakistani Embassies should take steps for the business promotion in the World” he said.

Manzoor ul Haq said that Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) should not raid business premises of traders and industrialists as they are as their patriotism is out of question.

He said that raids by FBR on business premises create fears among the business community, adding that the national economy may suffer due to non-cooperation between businessmen and the FBR.

The leading community of traders should raise the issues of business community before the government and release their entity in strong way. Trade will be promoted if the country stabilizes politically.

Akhter said that traders wants political stability in the country, if country is stable politically then trade will definitely promoted in the country that is beneficial for the nation and traders as well.

He urged that political parties should work for the country instead of personal benefits. Government should take some bold steps for the business community because no nation can progress without strengthening national economy.

Malik said he always raise the voice for the business community and will continue. Coordination between governments is much needed for the betterment of national economy.