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Ghani inaugurates next phase of Kamal Khan dam project

Ghani inaugurates next phase of Kamal Khan dam project

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday inaugurated phase 3 of the Kamal Khan Dam project in Chaharbarak district of Nimroz province.

Speaking at a ceremony in the district, Ghani said: “Kamal Khan Dam is a tool of Afghanistan’s honor which will help the country manage waters and prevent water wastage. Water is our wealth. Government is determined to implement economic and infrastructural projects.”

He said the Kamal Khan Dam project would change Nimroz and improve the local economy.

“Management of water will create cooperation not disputes, which will be arranged based on agreements and laws,” he stated.

He called on the people to cooperate with government in implementing infrastructural projects.

“Anyone who thinks about building Afghanistan is accepted by the people and government; however, we will fight against those who think about the destruction of Afghanistan, because our people want life, water and welfare. There is no place for destruction in Islam,” Ghani stated.

At the same event, the energy and water affairs minister, Ali Ahmad Osmani, said the successful completion of the project was one of Nimroz residents’ dreams. He said his ministry is working on a four-year plan on water management and the use of dams nationally – which would be one of the biggest achievements of government.

“The (Khamal Khan Dam) project will irrigate more than 80,000 hectares of agricultural land and will create job opportunities for dozens of residents,” the minister said. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Ghani, the Nimroz governor, the head of the construction company, senior officials from Nimroz as well as a number of local residents.