Monday , July 16 2018
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Future of investment in Pakistan

Future of investment in Pakistan

According to a group of local and foreign experts, Pakistan has improved macroeconomic performance in the wake of large-scale investment under China’s belt and road projects and it is hoped the initiative will spur growth in various sectors of the economy. The recent rhetoric by US President Donald Trump will not affect foreign investors and companies have entered the Pakistani market to avail financial and strategic opportunities.The business and trade activities will also continue as usual despite recent change of government in the country and political strife within various political parties.Economists believe sanctions and suspension of aid package are the main tools in the hands of the United States against Pakistan. Mr Trump will possibly adopt an aggressive strategy against the Taliban, ignoring the consequence of war in Afghanistan where an artificial government is in the office with limited authority in its hands. However, a strategy which only pushes Pakistan to fight with the enemies of the United States will not work. Pakistan has already paid a heavy price in terms of economic and human losses in the useless and thankless war. The US administration has failed to recognize the sacrifices of Pakistan.

However, despite political uncertainty in Islamabad, the local and foreign investors are taking interest in the developing projects. As a victim of terrorism, Pakistan will not allow any terrorist group to use its soil to act against any country. If the United States wants to end terrorism in Afghanistan, it has to develop infrastructure in that country and pour investment to improve the living standard of the people instead of banking on troops build up.In this scenario, Pakistan has nothing to do with Afghan war and should send all the Afghan immigrants back to their country. Pakistan has its own share of problems and has no intention to invite further troubles. India should also learn a lesson from the United States and stay away from Afghanistan. The Indian government wants to linger on Kashmir issue, which is not in the interest of peace in the region. The main issue of both the countries is economy. The way it has withdrawn its forces from Dokalam should also leave Kashmir for Kashmir and set up trade and economic relations with Pakistan. After years of independence, the Indian leadership is far from reaching a level of maturity and has no faculty to look into the future.