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FST reserves verdict in promotion case filed by FBR employee

FST reserves verdict in promotion case filed by FBR employee

ISLAMABAD: Hearing plenty of service matters being persuaded by employees of the Federal Board of Revenue during first week of June, the Federal Service Tribunal reserved a decision of a promotion matter and issued directives in other cases to the board.

The FST reserved decision on a compliant about ‘promotion’ filed by the employee of Federal Board of Revenue before a division bench of the tribunal. The FST division bench, comprising Member, Rafique Shah and Dr Nazir, heard the case of promotion filed by Abdul Hakim. The bench reserved the decision after the board submitted a report.

Another bench of FST, comprising Member Rafique Shah and Dr Nazir also heard cases filed by Attique Ahmed Abbasi, Zeeshan Zafar, Mian Muhammad Shahzad, Mian Asif Mehmood, Ch. Muhammad Sajid, Ahmad Din, Rizwan Jillani, Muhammad Younas, Muhammad Hussain, and Muhammad Rafique. The bench adjourned hearing of these cases for coming days.

The appellants had submitted complaints about their due promotion which was not yet granted by the department. They have prayed the tribunal to issue necessary directives to the board in this regard.

Members, Ishtiaq Ahmedand Muhammad Javed Iqbal kasi heard cases of three recently filed cases carrying complaints about ‘dismissal from services’, ‘withholding of two annual ‘increment’.

The bench had dated in office the hearing of these cases during last hearing and had asked the board to submit reply in the cases filed by Muhammad Arshad Rahim, Muhammad Arshad Rahim and Ejaz Ahmed Bajwa.

Federal Service Tribunal issued fresh directives submit relating record before the bench in cases pending before the tribunal since months.

FST Chairman Justice (R) Sayed Zahid Hussain and and Dr Nazir Saeed heard three cases filed by M Sulaman Javed, Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Shakeel Akhtar and others.

Muhammad Sulaman Javed had prayed the tribunal to ensure implementation over its already given decision; Muhammad Nawaz had challenged dismissal from services, and Muhammad Shakeel Akhtar had challenged removal from services.  Tribunal’s bench had recently also reserved decision on promotion cases filed by M Iqbal and Habib Ahmed.

Both employees of FBR had submitted complaints regarding their promotion and had asked the tribunal to direct the department on awarding their meritorious scale at the department. Same bench also heard couple of other cases carrying dismissal matter and adjourned hearing.

Tariq Tanveer and Noreen Safia had filed these petitions in which they had pleaded against dismissal from services. The appellants had prayed the tribunal to direct the Federal Board of Revenue to allow them to serve on the posts from where they had been removed.