Friday , January 19 2018
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Freighters will be provisioned by Gwadar Port till 50 years

Freighters will be provisioned by Gwadar Port till 50 years

BEIJING: Big ships such as freighters and cruisers will be served by Gwadar Port for coming 50 years which will play a imperative and valuable part in the growth of economy and trade, says Shi Yingtao, Vice President China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC).

He says that “Gwadar Port is being developed through Dredging and the 4,7 kms long channel has been dredged to 14 meter depth

Mr Yingtao stated that “A 18.9 kms Eastbay Expressway will be built to help flow of goods from and to Gwadar Port which will also include a 4.3 kms bridge alongside the sea and it will be an engineering marvel. The port is capable to load and unload biggest possible ships simultaneously”. The port berths length is over 700 meters and on requirement the berth length can be increased by two to three times.

Mr Yingtao said that terrorists attacked CHEC workers during the construction of Gwadar Port. He said that he wants to thank the local baloch people and Baloch doctors to save the lives of CHEC workers attacked by the terrorists. He said that CHEC is working on 32 projects and it also includes the Port Qasim project.

The Chief Economist of Chinese National Development Commission Mr Zhang Anyuan stated that Gwadar Port will be developed as a leading regional port despite the worst intentions of enemies to block its development. He also said that an airport will be built at Gwadar and also a refinery will be built at Gwadar. A fee zone and Export Processing Zone is also part of the Gwadar Port project.

Mr Zhang said that different vested interest groups were working against Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor but it will be successfully built and economies of China and Pakistan will benefit from it.