Monday , March 18 2019
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FBR to launch crackdown on tax evaders

FBR to launch crackdown on tax evaders

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue has decided to tighten the noose around the non-taxpayers to increase country’s revenue collection.

“We cannot offer further reduced income tax rates as announced by the prime minister other day to broaden the tax base of the country,” said an official of the FBR. He informed that govt would use technology to trace the non-taxpayers in the country. It would be difficult for the people now to remain non-taxpayer, he said.

Sharing details, the official said that government would utilize the data of tour operators, estate agents, mobile companies, utilities bills, private schools and others to identify the non-taxpayers. “It will be now be easy for the government to identify the non-taxpayers after Prime Minister announced that CNIC numbers would be made National Tax Number (NTN) numbers to monitor tax compliance of all citizens,” he added. “In this way, 120 million CNIC holders would become tax filers after filling a form”. By using the technology, the FBR would get details of people’s way of life simply by putting CNIC number in the system, which would show details of their utility bills, foreign trips, mobile bills and other expenditures.