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Principal Appraiser Tahir Khan suspended over corruption

Principal Appraiser Tahir Khan suspended over corruption

ISLAMABAD:  Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has suspended Principal Appraiser Tahir Khan for three months and ordered inquiry against him while FBR is still to nominate an authorized officer to supervise the inquiry.

Sources told Customs Today that Principal Appraiser Tahir Khan, working in Air Fright Unit Islamabad, was suspended under the Government Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules, 1973 section 5 (1) which states that where a government servant is accused of subversion, corruption or misconduct, the authorized officer may require him to proceed on leave or, with the approval of the authority, suspend him. Further to the section 5 (1) the “Authorised Officer” has the powers to order holding of inquiry against an accused government servant through an Inquiry Officer or Inquiry Committee.

It is important to mention here that Principal Appraiser Tahir Khan was accused of illegally clearing a consignment imported by M/s Hunbul Tex (Pvt) Ltd Lahore which evaded duty & taxes by mis-declaring its description, value and PCT heading.

Earlier Customs Court Rawalpindi approved judicial remand of Appraiser Mohammad Tahir Khan who is nominated in FIR No.10/2018. The total value of above said consignment assessed by staff of Customs stood at Rs.4.234 million while total ascertained assessed value of seized goods as per VR No.1237 found to be Rs.30.426 million and total differential value was Rs.26.191 million whereas duty taxes paid as Rs 0.769 million against actual taxes stood at Rs.14.962 million.

Accordingly a Goods Declaration (GD) No.12374 dated 11.01.2018 was filed by the above said company through M/s Capital Cargo Service (clearing agent challan no.191) for clearance of digital printing inkjet inks U/V assorted colors through WeBOC system.

After clearance from Customs the aforesaid GD was re-blocked at gate out stage for further scrutiny, adding that as per documents the goods were declared and assessed as reactive dyes under PCT Heading -3204.1600 and assessed at 06 Euro per kilogram attracting customs duty (CD) 16%, sales tax (ST) 0%, additional customs duty (ACD) 1% but obtained the benefit of SRO. 1125(1)2011 dated 31.12.2011.