Tuesday , March 26 2019
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FBR reshuffles top IR officers

FBR reshuffles top IR officers

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue has reshuffled top officers of Inland Revenue Service and posted them on key positions.

These officers had been assigned to their incumbent positions by the previous government and had their ranks remain unchanged for the past few years.

Almost 25 senior officers of Inland Revenue were transferred across the country.

As per the notification issued on Friday, Nazir Ahmad Shoro was transferred and posted as member Federal Bureau of Revenue; Dr Ashfaq Ahmad Tunio, Chief Commissioner, Regional Tax Office (RTO), Bahawalpur; Ms Seema Shakil , Director General (special initiative) stationed at Karachi; Mustafa Sajjad Hassan, member FBR; Dr Ghulam Mustafa Rahu, Chief Commissioner RTO, Sukkur; Rana Munawar, DG Directorate of Law, Islamabad; Dr Muhammad Ali Khan, Chief Commissioner Large Taxpayers Unit (LTU)-II, Karachi; Amir Ali Khan Talpur, Chief Commissioner, RTO-III, Karachi; Qaiser Iqbal, Chief Commissioner, RTO Peshawar; Dr Faiz Illahi Memon, Chief Commissioner LTU, Karachi; Asim Ahmad, DG Directorate General of Internal Audit, Islamabad; Dr Bashirullah Khan Chief Commissioner Rawalpindi; and Asim Majid Khan, Chief Commissioner, LTU, Lahore.

Eight officers of the Inland Revenue were posted against senior positions on its own pay scale.

According to the notification, Abdul Rashid was posted as Chief Commissioner, RTO Abbotabad; Syed Ghulam Abbas Kazmi, Chief Commissioner, RTO Sargodha; Sardar Ali Khawaja, DG MIS Islamabad; Dr Hamid Ateeq Sarwar, Member FATE, FBR; Shaban Bhatti, Chief Commissioner, RTO, Sahiwal; Ms Sadia Sadaf Gillani, Chief Commissioner, RTO-II Lahore; Sahibzada Abdul Mateen, Chief Commissioner, RTO, Quetta; and Sajidullah Siddiqui, Chief Commissioner, RTO-II, Karachi.

Others who were transferred include Mr Badshah Khan Wazir, who was posted as Chief Legal Wing, FBR; Malik Amjad Zubair Tiwana, Commissioner (Zone-IV) LTU, Islamabad; and Zubair Bilal, SA to Chairman FBR.

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