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FBR Peshawar stays extraordinary by aborting smuggling attempts

FBR Peshawar stays extraordinary by aborting smuggling attempts

ISLAMABAD: The Directorate General Customs Intelligence and Investigation (FBR) Peshawar has showed an exceptional performance by creating deterrence against smuggling. During Financial Year 2016-17, the Directorate General Customs I&I Peshawar has registered 288 cases and impounded miscellaneous non-duty-paid smuggled goods and vehicles, foreign origin cloths, cigarettes, carpets, electronics, mobile phones, cosmetics and other different items worth Rs710.523million.

During Financial Year 2015-16, Customs Directorate Peshawar I&I registered 264 cases and confiscated non-duty-paid smuggled goods of Rs329.486million. The figures reveal that the Peshawar Directorate’s performance has improved by more than 200 percent. Director General Shukat Ali has lauded the performance of the directorate and appreciated the efforts of the Director, Muhammad Saleem, and his team.

The Peshawar Directorate got registered 25 cases in July 2016 and seized goods worth Rs17.32million as compared to the same month in FY2015-16 valued Rs20.93million in 21 cases. Likewise in August, September October, November and December 2016, Peshawar Directorate registered 25,16, 19, 36 and 22 cases and seized goods worth Rs16.677, Rs20.163, Rs22.049, Rs70.239 and Rs66.636million as compared to the same period in FY2015-16 over worth Rs200million in 111 cases.

In January to March 2017, Peshawar Directorate registered 16, 33 and 26 cases and confiscated goods of Rs21.438, Rs100.024 and Rs36.124million as compared to same months in FY2016 over worth Rs58million in 56 cases. Likewise in last quarter (April to June) of FY2016-17, PD registered 70 cases and impounded goods worth Rs201.771, Rs85.002 and Rs53.070million as compared to the same quarter FY2015-16 worth Rs62million in 76 cases.