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FBR Member Customs Zahid Khokhar orders probe into misuse of green channel facility at Port Qasim

FBR Member Customs Zahid Khokhar orders probe into misuse of green channel facility at Port Qasim

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue Member Customs Muhammad Zahid Khokhar has stated that he has ordered the chief collector Karachi to investigate the scam of misuse of green channel facility at the Port Qasim and report back to him.

During an exclusive interview with Customs Today, the FBR Member Customs disclosed that China Tax Administration has agreed to provide the data of exports to Pakistan through their ports and borders. In this regard, he said that the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) agreement between China and Pakistan will be implemented from the next month.

The Pakistan Customs has been showing tremendous performance for the last many months and its revenue has increased more than 27 percent. He said that that he is quite optimistic that the department will achieve the revenue targets of the current financial year (2017-2018). He said implementation on Electronic Data Interchange agreement is big success of Federal Board of Revenue, and the EDI system will start functioning from 2nd April. He warned that the importers, who were involved in under-invoicing and mis-declaration or were involved in replacing the goods in connivance with a few black sheep of the department, would have no room for malpractices after 2nd April.

He said that after the implementation on EDI the issues of mis declaration and under invoicing will be solved. He said we have estimated but it is not final figure that FBR can get Rs.150 to 200 billion in terms of additional revenue. EDI system will run by the Federal Board of Revenue headquarter Islamabad. A centralized center has been established in FBR, data from China will be received in this center. He said we are investigating the issue of misuse of green channel, I have tried my best to appoint honest officers in field formations and I never interfere in the affairs of any Collectorate, but I always keep eye on their performance and activities.

He also stated that we have very strict system of accountability and zero tolerance policy against corruption, unfortunately there are some mafias are working in the shape of importers and caused creating hurdles for genuine importers. I strictly ordered to all Collectorates that they should adopt friendly attitude towards importers and helped them to resolve their issues.

He said importers complained about corruption but no one came forward with evidence and proofs, therefore it is hard to search the black sheep in the department. I openly invited if anyone have evidence against any official please come forward I assured them that justice will be done. He said the role of Pakistan customs will be increased in future due to china Pakistan economic corridor.