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FBR Existing and Ex-Chairmans

In the existing setup, the Chairman, FBR, being the executive head of the Board as well as Secretary of the Revenue Division has the responsibility for

(i) formulation and administration of fiscal policies,

(ii) levy and collection of federal taxes and

(iii) quasi-judicial function of hearing of appeals.

 His responsibilities also involve interaction with the offices of the President, the Prime Minister, all economic Ministries as well as trade and industry.

The names of Secretaries/Ex-officio Chairmen, full time Chairmen Secretary, Revenue Division/Chairmen and Vice Chairman, who headed the FBR/ Revenue Division from August 14, 1947 are given below:

Chairmen, CBR/FBR

1)Mr. Tariq Bajwa02-07-2013Till Date
2)Mr.Ansar Javed10-04-201330-06-2013
3)Mr. Ali Arshad Hakeem10-07-201209-04-2013
4)Mr. Mumtaz Haider Rizvi21.01.201210-07-2012
5)Mr. Salman Siddique24.12.201021.01.2012
6)Mr. Sohail Ahmad18.05.200924.12.2010
7)Mr. Moinuddin Khan02.01.199806.11.1998
8)Mr. Hafeezullah Ishaq11.11.199602.01.1998
9)Mr. Shamim Ahmed28.08.199611.11.1996
10)Mr. Alvi Abdul Rahim13.07.199528.08.1996
11) Mr. Sajjad Hasan24.07.199103.10.1991
12)Mr. Ahadullah Akmal16.08.199024.07.1991
13)Mr. Ghulam Yazdani Khan22.01.198911.08.1990
14)Syed Aitezazuddin Ahmed 20.08.198802.01.1989
15)Mr. I.A. Imtiazi11.08.198520.08.1988
16) Mr. Fazlur Rahman Khan14.12.198011.08.1985
17)Mr. N.M. Qureshi12.11.197514.12.1980
18)Mr. M. Zulfiqar01.10.197412.11.1975
19)Mr. Riaz Ahmad17.11.197330.09.1974
20) Mr. M. Zulfiqar11.10.197117.11.1973

Secretary Revenue Division/ Chairmen, CBR/FBR

1)Mr. Tariq Bajwa05.07.2013
2)Mr.Ansar Javed10.04.201330.06.2013
3)Mr. Ali Arshad Hakeem10.07.201209.04.2013
4)Mr. Mumtaz Haider Rizvi21.01.201210.07.2012
5)Mr. Salman Siddique24.12.201021.01.2012
6)Mr. Sohail Ahmed19.03.201024.12.2010
7)Mr. Ahmad Waqar23.07.200817.05.2009
8)Mr. M. Abdullah Yusuf12.03.200414.06.2006
9)Mr. Riaz Ahmad Malik03.07.200111.03.2004
10)Mr. Riaz Hussain Naqvi08.11.1999 02.07.2001
11)Mian Iqbal Farid07.11.199806.11.1999
12)Mr. A.R. Siddiqi11.07.199411.01.1995
13)Mr. Javed Talat26.07.199301.07.1994
14)Qazi M. Alimullah03.05.1993 17.07.1993
15)Mr. M. Mubeen Ahsan03.11.199203.05.1993
16)Mr. Sajjad Hasan03.10.199103.11.1992

Secretary General Revenue Division/ Chairman, FBR

1) Mr. M. Abdullah Yusuf14.06.200623.07.2008

Vice Chairmen, Chairmen CBR

1)Mr. Moinuddin Khan02.01.199806.11.1998
2)Mr. HafeezullahIshaq11.11.199602.01.1998
3)Mr. Shamim Ahmed28.08.199611.11.1996
4)Alvi Abdul Rahim (Remained vice Chairman of CBR before becoming Chairman CBR)13.07.199528.08.1996

Finance Secretaries/ Ex-Officio Chairmen, CBR

1)Mr. A.G.N. Kazi08.09.1970 10.10.1971
2)Mr. Ghulam Ishaq Khan31.05.1966 08.09.1970
3)Mr. M. M. Ahmed06.03.1963 30.05.1966
4)Mr. Mumtaz Mirza19.06.1961 06.03.1963
5)Mr. M. Ayub29.07.1960 19.06.1961
6)Mr. H. A. Majid01.11.1958 29.07.1960
7)Mr. Mumtaz Hassan 25.02.1952 01.11.1958
8)Mr. Abdul Qadir01.02.1950 25.02.1952
9)Sir Victor Turner14.08.194701.02.1950


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