Monday , January 21 2019
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FBR applying int’l customs standards locally, says Dr Zubair

FBR applying int’l customs standards locally, says Dr Zubair

ISLAMABAD: Dr. Mohammad Zubair, Chief International Customs at FBR Headquarters, Islamabad, has said that their role is not only to keep abreast of the ongoing customs reforms and changes internationally but also to implement the emerging trends locally. Cooperation among international customs people is very important to secure the interests of exporters and importers.

In an exclusive interview with Customs Today, Dr. Muhammad Zubair said it is essential that all countries work jointly to enhance trade and commerce. Secure supply of goods from one country to another should be ensured and this could only be done through close cooperation among all countries.

The international customs wing at FBR is striving to develop an atmosphere of trust with other countries and to this end it has signed many mutual cooperation agreements, he added.

Pakistan Customs also works with international donor organizations like JICA, USAID, WTO, WCO, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc. These organizations work in complete collaboration with various countries to facilitate international customs. FBR is also working with these development partners to develop understandings and explore new opportunities, he added.

Dr. Mohammad Zubair elaborated that working on such projects is the key role of his department at FBR. Another important function of FBR international customs wing is to attend international conventions and share with them the performance and achievements of local customs and put forth new ideas for betterment of customs procedures globally.

He said Pakistan is a part to international conventions and it is our duty to follow them. “We are working to become part of more international conventions which would be helpful for improving performance of our customs department too. The FBR international customs branch will take part in an ECO convention soon,” he added.

He said that nowadays every country is working as part of the international supply chain in which one country gets raw materials and sends back the manufactured goods to other countries. This circle promotes the collaboration among the countries and the international customs bodies.