Monday , February 18 2019
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Faisalabad Customs thwarts bid of multiple smuggling goods

Faisalabad Customs thwarts bid of multiple smuggling goods

FAISALABAD: The Customs Collectorate, Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO), Faisalabad frustrated an attempt of smuggling and seized miscellaneous items worth Rs7.1million involving duty and taxes of Rs1.9million during raid.

Talking to Customs Today, Faisalabad Customs Assistant Collector Shah Samad Hamadani appreciated the performance of the ASO adding that the collectorate is improving its performance over the time by adopting effective strategies against the smuggling outfits.

The ASO intercepted a vehicle bearing registration No: FDI-15-200 near Gattwala Toll Plaza, Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad loaded with foreign origin Dunhill Cigarettes’ 2500 packets, Milano Cigarettes’ 2000 packets, Napoli Cigarettes’ 1500 packets, Oris Cigarettes’ 1000 packets, tobaccos’ brand of Arya Vijay weighed 50kg, Tara filter weighed 80kg, Orange Leaf mobiles numbered 297 pieces in different models, firework, cake, fountain, crackers, Roman candles weighed 345kg, woolen caps numbered 180, Ear Muffs 60kg, baby napies 25kg, Chemical measured 1600 liter, waterproof polyester 65kg, artificial leather 68 pieces, Rani Juice 4800 tins, binding papers 70kg, foreign origin blankets 102 pieces, Bajaj almond drop hair oil 480pieces, Bajaj Nomarks Parbat cooling oil 60pieces, Chik Shampoo 96 pieces, Bajaj Barahmi Amla oil 60 pieces, foreign origin Godrej Expert cream hair 1152 packets made in China and India brands.

The contraband goods were being transported from Lahore to Faisalabad. On demand, the trucker named Muhammad Hassan son of Maqbool Hussain was asked to produce the proof of its legal import or lawful possession but he failed to so.

The Faisalabad ASO confiscated the goods under Import and Export Control Act-1950 punishable under Section 156(1)89(i) 90 of Customs Act-1969 and forwarded the cases to the Customs Adjudication Faisalabad for legal action. All these items were brought into the country without payment of custom duty and taxes.