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Faisalabad Customs seizes vehicles, goods worth Rs 78.2m in Oct

Faisalabad Customs seizes vehicles, goods worth Rs 78.2m in Oct


FAISALABAD: The Anti-Smuggling Department of MCC Faisalabad seized non-customs
paid vehicles and goods worth Rs 78.2 million in October 2014, according to official date available with the Customs Today.
As compared with the corresponding period of the last year, the Anti-Smuggling Department seized the vehicles and goods worth Rs 29.1 million. In October, the Anti-Smuggling Department seized 9 vehicles worth Rs 10.7 million which include Toyota Corolla Car worth Rs0.8 million, Toyota Fielder car worth Rs 1.6 million, Toyota Corolla
car-X worth Rs 1.2 million, Toyota Premio car worth Rs 10.04 million, Honda Airwave car worth Rs 1.6 million, Toyota Rs Vitz 0.9, two Toyota Surf Hilux worth Rs 2.7 million and Toyota Corolla Rs 1 million. The goods seized by the Anti-Smuggling Department value Rs 68 million in October this year and the value of vehicles is Rs 10.8 million. The corresponding period of last year the seized goods value was Rs 19 million.

According to the official detail, the goods which has been seized include cigarettes worth Rs 3.9 million, bitumen, 24400 kilogram worth Rs 3.9 million, Hino Truck worth Rs 2 million, red chili 46,00 kg worth Rs 1.7, two Bed Ford Trucks, Rs 1.8 million, White Zeera, 9,800 kg worth Rs 0.7 million, Mazda mini truck worth Rs 0.8 million, peanuts 95,00 kg worth Rs 14.2 million, two Hino truck worth Rs 2.4 million, red chili seeds 9100 kg worth Rs 4.2million, cloth worth Rs 2.1 million, red chili 9,730 kg worth Rs 3.8 million, Jackets/Jursey 2,611 pieces worth Rs 3 million, cloth worth Rs 0.5 million, auto parts worth Rs 0.5 million, oil filters Rs 0.3 million, jackets/jersey Rs 1.5 million, cloth Rs 1 million, red chili
seeds 4875 kg value Rs 0.7 million, Mazda Truck worth Rs 1.5 million, cigarettes value Rs 0.7 million, blankets, mats, tyres Rs 7.2 million, red chili seeds 9200 kg value Rs 1.2 million, Bed Ford Truck value Rs 1.5 million, cigarettes 0.9 million, auto parts 1374 kg worth Rs 0.8
million, Plastic Tasbi 400 kg, polyesters, DVDs worth Rs 0.8 million.

Collector custom MCC, Faisalabad Tausif Ahmad Qureshi said while exclusively talking to Custom Today this is the best performance of MCC officers against the smuggled goods and vehicles in comparison with the corresponding period of last year.
He said, “In October we seized the smuggled goods and cars worth Rs 78.2 million”, adding that the corresponding period of 2013, MCC, Faisalabad had seized the goods and vehicles valuing just Rs 29.1 million. He added that the campaign against anti-smuggling is going very good which also showing almost 150 percent more efficacy against the same
corresponding period of last year. He added that we not only achieved the target which got from federal government but also became successful against the smuggling activities
in the region.