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Faisalabad Customs Intelligence to hold auction of goods on January 15

Faisalabad Customs Intelligence to hold auction of goods on January 15

FAISALABAD: Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation (Customs) Range Office Faisalabad announced auction of confiscated goods and vehicles to be held on January 15, 2018 at State Warehouse.
The following goods will be offered for auction:
01. F/o Generator (Diesel) 150-KVA: One
02. F/o Two Diesel Generators, SO-KVA each: Two
03. F/o Generator, 1000-KVA: 02
04. F/o Dyed brown shade knitted Sherpa fleece fabric: 479-Kgs.
F/o Micro Fine Tag Pins: 217-Kgs.
F/o Loop Lock: 165-Kgs.
F/o Zip: 1185-Kgs.
05. F/O Samsung Brand LED TV 42” Model-Series-9-9900: 04 Nos
F/O Samsung Brand LD TV 32” Model Series G-9900: 04 Nos
F/O Samsung Brand LED TV 40” Model Series 1-12000: 01
F/O Sony Bravia Brand LED TV 42” Mode-42 X/W90: 01
F/O Samsung Brand LED TV 24” Model Series 9-9000: 01
F/O A/s Cloth=10Rolls, each of 60 yards=600 yards: 84 kg
06. F/O Motives (decorated with glass/plastic beads. Cut to Size:1750 kgs
07. F/O used Led Acid Rechargeable Dry Batteries (Cell)
(i) SHOTO Brand, GOO-Ah. Model GFMJ-600A: 48-Nos
(ii) NARADA Brand, 500-Ah. Model GFMJ-490: 48 Nos
(iii) SACRED SUN Brand, 500-Ah. Model GFMJ-500: 24-Nos
(iv) BSB Brand, 500Ah: 24 Nos
08. F/O Slightly used Tyres of different brands for LTV: 179 Nos
09. F/O Nissan Brand Old and Used Generators 20KVA(2), 15KVA (2): 4 Nos
10. F/O Cloth for ladies plane in rolls: 9115kgs
11. Milano Brand Cigarettes (Furious Red, Urban Mirage, Super slim Silver/ Green, Blue, King Edition) UAE 119ctn=20 cigarettes: 5950 outers
F/O NAPOLI brand cigarettes (King size filter)=15 Ctn: 750 Outers
RAISON Brand Cigarettes (Blue) Made in Kora= 15 ctn: 1500 Outers
DUNHILL Master Cigarettes (Made in London): 25 Outers
ZEN Blue brand cigarettes (special edition) Made in USA: 25 outers
12. REDs (Virginia) Brands Cigarettes. Chelsea Tobacco Ltd., London. Made in England=Each outer containing 10-small pkts: 500 outers
13. Nissan X-Trail (TS dCi), Model-2010, (As per seat belts), Chassis No. JN1TCNT31A0051995, 1995CC (Diesel): one
14. Honda Reborn, Chassis No :FD1-1005196, Model: 2005 (As per seat belts): One