Monday , January 22 2018
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Facebook rolls out new privacy settings

Facebook rolls out new privacy settings

CHICAGO: Facebook is rolling out a new privacy settings checkup tool designed to give users a clearer picture of who can see their posts and other information they share .Privacy basics is an interactive process where users learn how to delete posts, limiting who can read them and blocking sections of your profile from public domain. It also shows how users can adjust their news feed.

Facebook calls it the Privacy basics which is a step by step training regimen which explains how to limit what people can see about you. Facebook has also refreshed its data policy and has given in detail what information it collects on users and how it is shared with advertisers. Facebook also took an unusual step by asking for public comments about its new policy over the next week.

Facebook privacy settings have long been a point of concern, but changes to new-user posting defaults have made it easier to avoid accidental broadcasts to the entire world. The changes, which came about after Facebook overhauled its privacy center in April, may offer capabilities that are still unfamiliar to some users, who have yet to change settings to ensure they have the privacy level they are comfortable with.

Now that the latest features and privacy settings have been released, Facebook users still need to know what they are and how to use them. For instance, a new feature called Nearby Friends alerts the user to friends who are close by. When turning on the feature it is possible to chose who gets to see a user’s location, from all friends down to specific individuals. However, when Nearby Friends is turned on, so is Location History, which Facebook uses to build a database of where its users have been, even when they are not running the app. Location History can be turned off, and past locations can be deleted as well, if users know the feature exists.