Monday , January 22 2018
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Facebook introduces new privacy setting

NEW YORK: Privacy basics is an interactive process where users learn how to delete posts , limiting who can read them and blocking sections of users profile from public domain. It also shows how users can adjust their news feed.

Facebook calls it the Privacy basics which is a step by step training regimen which explains how to limit what people can see about you. Facebook has also refreshed its data policy and has given in detail what information it collects on users and how it is shared with advertisers. Facebook also took an unusual step by asking for public comments about its new policy over the next week.

The Pew Research Centre has just released a study in which it was revealed that 91% of the Americans think that they have lost the control on their personal information. So it was perfect timing when the largest social networking site Facebook has just created an easy-to-read guide about the information it collects about you and how you can control that data.