Friday , January 19 2018
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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg rules out plan to add ‘dislike’ option

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg rules out plan to add ‘dislike’ option

NW YORK: Facebook had been considering adding a ‘dislike’ option in order to allow their users to express themselves more precisely. However Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ruled out the plan to add this feature in the near future.

Facebook generates around 4.5 billion ‘likes’ a day according to the site’s official figures. However, there is no option to ‘dislike’ something at present. Zuckerberg says the company is mulling this, but it’s not something they’re going to rush.

According to media reports Zuckerberg said, “What I think is there are more sentiments that people want to express rather than just positivity. People share things that are sad or are tough cultural or social things and people tell us they are not comfortable pressing ‘like’ because ‘like’ is not the appropriate sentiment when someone lost a loved one or is talking about a difficult issue”.

“Some people have asked for a dislike button because they want to say, ‘That thing isn’t good’. That’s not something that we think is good for the world. I think giving people the power to express more emotions would be powerful, but we need to find out the right way to do it, so that it is a force for good and not bad and demeaning the person out there,” he added.

YouTube already have the option to ‘dislike’ any video uploaded which sometimes become a point of conflict among the followers. Zuckerberg insisted that he doesn’t want such negativity to be put into their platform until he finds the right way to do so.