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Exports to China up 25% in 2016

Exports to China up 25% in 2016

BEIJING: Exports to China have risen 25% from 2015 to 2016 according to the Department of Agriculture’s Annual Review and Outlook for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The report, which was released on Thursday, highlighted that exports to China rose from €756m in 2015 to almost €950m in 2016. Over 470,000t were exported to China from Ireland last year. The UK remains Ireland’s most lucrative export market by quite some way, with agri food exports to the UK worth €4.8bn in 2016, with over 3.5 million tonnes exported. However, export value is down 6.1% to the UK, with an increase in trade with other markets and the impact of Brexit strongly influencing this.

Irish agri-food trade to the UK represents 40% of all trade. United States is Ireland’s second most profitable export market, with the value of trade here increasing by 17.5% in 2016 to over €1bn. This represents almost 190,000t. France, Netherlands and Germany are the next three big stops for Irish products. Mexico and Japan saw the largest increases in trade with Ireland, with 78% and 47% jumps respectively. Nigeria saw the biggest reduction in trade, with exports from Ireland reduced by 38%. Irish agri-food goods were exported to over 160 countries in 2016 including new (or enhanced access) market opportunities for beef in USA, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. Pork and pork products were introduced to the South African market.