Monday , January 22 2018
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Evaluation Harry Potter, hint to study brain

Evaluation Harry Potter, hint to study brain

WASHINGTON: Scientists to look into the brains of people caught up in a good book emerged with what a healthy brain does as it reads.
Director of Carnegie Mellon’s Machine Learning Department Tom Mitchell said that for the first time in history, we can do things like have you read a story and watch where in your brain the neural activity is happening. Students satisfyingly surprised that the experiment really worked.
Most neuroscientists have tracked how the brain processes a single word or sentence, by focusing on one feature of reading at a time. But reading a story requires several systems working at once.
Neuroscientist Guinevere Eden said that offer a great deal the way of thinking about the reading brain, measuring all that activity is remarkable.
The researchers analyzed the scans, second by second, and created a computerized model of brain activity involved with different reading processes.
The identified feature the number of letters, the part of speech, if it was associated with a character, action, emotion or conversation. Then they used computer programming to analyze brain patterns associated with those features in every four word stretch.
The computer model can suggest with 74 percent accuracy which of two text passages matches a pattern of neural activity.