Tuesday , June 18 2019
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Ethiopia PM seeks Qatari investment

Ethiopia PM seeks Qatari investment

Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed visited his Qatari counterpart, seeking to enhance bilateral relations and strengthen efforts to attract investment from the gas rich nation.

Abiy, who announced plans to liberalise the economy last year, hopes to attract foreign direct investment into several sectors that have been previously state-controlled.

While in Doha, Abiy visited the Museum of Islamic Art, where he toured the museum’s collection, which houses the masterpieces of Islamic art, including metal, wood, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, coins and glass.

In January, the Ethiopian embassy in Qatar’s capital, Doha organised an investment forum, where opportunities for economic and trade cooperation in the two countries’ private sectors were discussed.

The Ethiopian delegation presented investment opportunities to Qatari businessmen in the sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, services, medicines, building materials and others.