Monday , July 23 2018
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Edible oil sees price hike twice this yr

Edible oil sees price hike twice this yr

DHAKA: The price of edible oil has witnessed increase twice in the current calendar year, according to traders and the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), reports UNB. The price of bottled soybean saw a hike by Tk 5 per litre in the first quarter of the year while Tk 2-3 a litre in the third quarter. Besides, it saw a 16.85 per cent rise in the last one year. A five-litre bottle of soybean of different brands was selling at Tk 510-Tk 530 in the city markets on Friday which was Tk 490-520 last week and Tk 430-Tk 460 a year ago.

Visiting different kitchen markets in the city, this correspondent found a five-litre bottle of Rupchanda brand soybean selling at Tk 540 which against Tk 530 a week ago. Teer brand soybean was selling at Tk 530 per five litres. The sources said the wholesale price of a five-litre bottle soybean is Tk 515. The price of one-litre bottle of Rupchanda was Tk 112 while that of Teer Tk 107. The price of soybean was hiked to Tk 100 from Tk 94 in October last and it rose further to Tk 105 in January-March last.