Tuesday , July 17 2018
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Economy in political turmoil

Economy in political turmoil

The latest political turmoil shows how some elements have always remained busy in creating fuss and chaos across the country on one pretext or the other. The biggest challenge before the nation is economy which is not picking up to the desire levels despite all the indicators and variables are in its favour. The country is facing mega trade deficit, low industrial output, persistent energy crisis and terrorism. The people lack basic amenities of life such as potable water, health, education and security, but the political elite is busy in settling their personal scores. The biggest business of the political elite is politics and they have nothing to do with plight of the business community in the country. The elite classes have funds and resources to live luxurious life without doing anything and without any known resources of income and this has already created vacuums in various segments of society. It appears the politicians are forcibly pushing the economy to the downward trajectory and it is difficult to ascertain on whose agenda they are working. No sooner the economy shows signs of recovery, they start raising issues which most of the time are non-issues.

A media hype had been created during the last few months that the ruling family of the country is corrupt. However, the proverbial idiom“the pot calls the kettle black” also fits on those who are issuing the blemish statements against the family. The Joint Investigation Team, formed by the Supreme Court to investigate the corruption charges against the Sharif family, has found disparities in the family’s known sources of income and their actual wealth. As a matter of fact, this is not only the case of Sharif family, but also every third person of the country. Almost all the politicians are leading luxurious lives without any known source of income. As most of them are not from business community, they don’t pay taxes.

However, the JIT statement confirms corruption as an open secret. The movement of illegal money within and outside the country is rampant and some of the government officials work in cahoots with criminal elements. The nation expects that action will be taken against corrupt elements whosoever they are within and outside the government and everyone should be made to pass litmus test of transparency in campaign against corruption. If a legal course is taken against Sharif family,the others should also be investigated and corrupt be given exemplary punishment.