Tuesday , July 17 2018
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Economic policies must continue

Economic policies must continue

After his disqualification as prime minister by the judiciary, Nawaz Sharif embarked on a long march from Islamabad to his hometown Lahore to mark a show of power and public support. However, political analysts have raised eyebrows over his ‘innocent’ move and deem it as an act of defiance against judiciary which can plunge the country into further crisis. The ouster of Nawaz Sharif has not only exposed the inherent flaws in political parties, but also lack of vision, will and trust of the so-called public representatives in the democratic process. It has also exposed the real strength of the heads of political parties all of whom are nothing more than one man shows in their respective domains. The party heads are as if indispensable and it is hard to imagine the survival of a political party without its leader. The pathetic part of the party politics is that only someone from the bloodline is allowed to take charge of the party. All other members of a party hierarchy act as dummies or robots who are programmed to toe the line of the party chiefs in starch contrast to their personal credibility,traditional values or democratic norms.

However, the Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz lawmakers have agreed to continue Nawaz government’s policies which need consistency and attention. Several infrastructural and developmental projects are in various stages of their completion and have consumed billions of dollars public money. The projects of vital importance cannot be left unattended. If the PML-N wants to stay in politics, the former prime minister will have to be proactive and he has now plenty of time to focus on his much-hyped political vision to steer the country out crisis and prepare his party for the next elections. It is dilemma of this nation that whenever the country starts its journey on the path of development, something unusual comes from out of the blue and spoil the show.

According to the world economists, Pakistan economy is heading towards takeoff position, but political crisis send wrong signals to the potential foreign investors. Despite having deposits of billions of dollars in foreign banks and huge real estate businesses in overseas destinations, the corrupt public representatives have failed to satiate their lust for money. It is the time the politicians should show maturity, sincerity and save the political system from any eventuality. A tug of war between political rivals is not in the interest of the country.