Monday , June 25 2018
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Economic cost of Trump’s remarks

Economic cost of Trump’s remarks

After opening various fronts on home ground, US President Donald Trump has finally turned his guns towards Pakistan, accusing it of ‘harbouring’ terrorists in the country. The person, who claimed he will shrink US role in Afghanistan during his election campaign, is sending more troops to fight Taliban and has adopted a hostile posture toward Pakistan under the influence of Indian lobbies. The economy of Pakistan is already in a shambles and his threats need to be taken up seriously. The federal government has discussed the possible fallout of Trumps rhetoric in the National Assembly. It is good omen that all the government and opposition members are at one page on the issue. May be it is Mr Trump’s policy to issue irresponsible statements not only to instigate chaos and political upheaval in various regions of the world but also create unrest in the US public. The government is already engaged in discussions on emerging geopolitical situation, economic cost of Trump’s behavior and emerging challenges.The hostile policy of the United States has the potentials to aggravate balance of payments situation, as the current account deficit reached $12.1 billion in the fiscal year 2016-17.

However, difficult times come in the history of nations where they have to decide the path of dignity, respect and honour and would not afraid of paying a heavy price for it. The international financial institutions are subservient to the US policies. The new government would have been considering entering another loan programme with any International donor agency, but loans should not be the option to manage the balance of payment problem. It should be noted that every phase of life is transitionary and it will have to pass whether you like it or not. We as a respectable nation should take a lesson from Iran which has been facing adverse situation for the last many decades but did not bow to the US pressure. As a nation, we have to establish strong relations with regional countries such as Iran, Russia and central Asian states. We are not alone in fight against the US hegemony as several other countries are also in the same boat. The harangues of Trump are based on disinformation fed to him by Indians and it is hoped that sooner or laterhe will listen to the voices of reasons.