Thursday , July 19 2018
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Dubai Customs presents best practice experience to SDAA delegation

Dubai Customs presents best practice experience to SDAA delegation

DUBAI: Dubai Customs (DC) acquainted a visiting delegation from the Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority (SDAA) with the best practices applied across different DC’s business units, namely human resources, corporate communications, information technology, administration affairs, and project management. The members of the delegation were walked through DC’s project management methodology and project delivery processes from needs analysis, benefits and ROI assessment, alignment to strategic objectives, to impact measurement of the development initiative after execution. HR procedures including staff recruitment, talent acquisition, training and retention as well as the initiatives undertaken to raise employee satisfaction and happiness levels were also showcased during the meeting. Information Technology Department briefed the delegates about its experience in implementation of executive dashboard for follow-up of daily tasks and services, internal and external correspondence system “Tarasul”, as well as its paperless initiative which aims to reduce the use of paper in office and therefore save the environment.

The SDAA delegation also learned from the Administration Affairs department about DC’s procurement, inventory, expenditure control and assets management systems. Afterwards, they were introduced to the processes and strategy of DC’s Corporate Communications Department in terms of media and marketing campaigns as well as publishing methodology and the best practices in PR and media relations management, news dispatching, government partnership, and CSR. The ultimate objective of which is to promote and sustain a positive image of Dubai Customs locally and internationally. By the end of the visit, the Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority delegation praised the efforts undertaken by Dubai Customs  and its advanced governance systems. They hailed the practices adopted by the department as an exemplary model for other government entities to follow suit and looked forward to strengthening ties for the best interests and mutual benefits of both organizations.