Tuesday , April 23 2019
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Drug smugglers arrested at sea

KUWAIT: A citizen and a non-Kuwaiti were arrested with 22 kg of hashish they fished out from the sea, said security sources. Case papers indicate that coastguards and narcotics police had been tipped off concerning the suspects’ plans to smuggle drugs by sea into the country. The sources added that detectives closely watched the site where the drugs had been floating and waited for the suspects until they pulled the entire consignment into their boat, before arresting them. The suspects confessed that the drugs belong to an Iranian drug dealer who had given them the coordinates to pick up the consignment and deliver it in Kuwait, in return for a commission.
Separately, an Egyptian was rushed to hospital when a police patrol found him sleeping in the street after overdosing on drugs. Security sources said the man is an illegal resident and had 10 hashish joints and 36 illicit pills.