Tuesday , July 23 2019
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Dost nexus with ‘illiterate’ person ‘news’ website in Rs 1000b scam proved: Appeal to Courts, NAB, FIA for action

Dost nexus with ‘illiterate’ person ‘news’ website in Rs 1000b scam proved: Appeal to Courts, NAB, FIA for action

KARACHI: Nexus of some corrupt customs official like Dost Muhammad with an ‘illiterate’ person has been proved where they are saving ‘smugglers’ of green channel mega scam worth Rs 1000 billion by running an ‘illegal news website’ to counter blast media persons and reports on the scam.

Mobiles, electronics, liquor, cigarettes, betel nuts, explosive chemicals, etc continue to pour into the country through green channel‬. ‪FBR has also admitted that roughly 10 million containers have been cleared in Green Channel without any examination. In fact, not even scanning of these containers is done by customs officials despite media uproar.‬ These corrupt Customs official allegedly involved in facilitating green channel smugglers have made a strong nexus and misusing an ‘illiterate’ person to protect them by writing in their favour on his illegal website.

When media started uncovering the crimes of those customs officials involved in the Rs. 1,000 billion green channel mega scam then these customs officials started using the illegal website along with the ‘illiterate’ person to malign the media. These customs officials also started harassing the people who have been sharing information with media on green channel smuggling. Clearance of their containers are delayed by many months to even around half a year. Their only fault is that they disclosed the massive green channel scam of certain customs officials to the media. Over and above this, those customs officials are writing lies against those people merely to blackmail and threaten them so as to put them away from informing media about the green channel scam.

This ‘illiterate’ person blackmails media and genuine importers to get money and run his illegal website. In an attempt to blackmail a genuine importer, he first wrote that the importer got fake delay and detention certificate from R&D but now contradicting himself he is saying that the certificate is issued to the importer while quoting the R&D department both the times. It is to be noted that Dost Muhammad is head of R&D department which is sufficient to prove the above nexus beyond any shadow of doubt. It seems that the ‘illiterate’ person gets future news from some customs ‘jinns’ even the relevant department doesn’t know about it. He is publishing fabricated & fake news to pressurise the high officials to act according to the whims and fancies of the customs staff like Dost and others who want to dominate the customs department despite being juniors.

Whenever any media house exposes corruption and illegal activities of someone or some organisations then immediately the illiterate person takes around Rs 2,000 from those corrupt persons and organisations and starts protecting them by writing in their favour. Sources said that such money collected in the kitty is shared by the customs junior staff who are writing on the website in the name of the ‘illiterate’ person who himself cannot write any articles in English.
Sources said this ‘illiterate’ person speaks against several senior journalists and anchor persons of various high profile TV channels and newspapers so as to malign them and to protect the corruption of this nexus of certain corrupt customs officials. The proof of this is also that he roams about freely in Customs House premises where irrelevant people are not allowed entry although he is not a clearing agent or importer or registered media person.

This ‘illiterate’ person cannot even spell the name of the department ‘customs’ properly and he spells it wrongly as ‘custom’ and also he has no connection with ‘news’ as not registered which is a crime to operate as a newspaper. Furthermore, he is no where related to journalists or journalism in any way which the senior journalists feel offended as to how FBR is allowing such an ‘illiterate’ person to run a ‘news’ website related to their department. It is mandatory under the law to first procure a declaration from the information ministry to operate as a newspaper.

Numerous people, including media personalities, who are aggrieved by the criminal activities of the specific customs officials in writing news on website in the name of the ‘illiterate’ person have promised to approach the Honorable Courts, NAB and FIA to take action against the entire nexus of specific corrupt customs officials and ‘illiterate’ person and to expose their nefarious agenda and to shut this ‘illegal’ news website which is being used to protect mega corruption cases. This also invites high level investigation against Dost Muhammad and his certain seniors who back him up for secretly supporting an ‘illiterate’ person and running a ‘news’ website for hiding his own corruption in Rs 1000 Billion green channel mega scam.