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DG Valuation revises customs values of green tea

DG Valuation revises customs values of green tea

KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has revised the values of  green tea through Valuation Ruling No: 1344/2018 under Section 25A of the Customs Act-1969.

According to the details, various representations from the importers and the clearance collectorates were received in Directorate General wherein they requested for determination of customs value of green tea of various origins including Vietnam, China and India.

Therefore, Directorate General initiated an exercise for the determination of the customs values of green tea in terms of Section 25.4-A of the Customs Act, 1969.

Several meetings with different stakeholders including, importers and representatives from field formations were held in the Directorate General to discuss the current international prices of the subject goods.

The stakeholders were requested to famish invoices of imports of last three months showing factual value.

Websites names and addresses of known foreign manufacturers of item in question through which the actual current value can be ascertained. Copies of contracts made LCs during the last three months showing the value of item in question.

Copies of sales tax invalid issued during last four months showing the difference in price (excluding duty and taxes) to substantiate their Contentions.

The importers of green tea, representatives from Pakistan Tea Association and clearance collectorates attended the meeting. The stakeholders were of the opinion that the major dispute is in the values of green tea of Vietnam and China origins.

The clearance data also supported this stance. However,  the importers of green tea of Vietnam origin stated that there are different types and grades of green tea of Vietnam origin being imported in our country.

It was further contended that green tea of China origin is of lower quality as compared to green tea of Vietnam origin. They showed their dissatisfaction on the values of green tea, being given by the Pakistan Tea Association.