Monday , January 22 2018
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Deputy Collector Dr Noman transfers 18 UDCs, LDCs

Deputy Collector Dr Noman transfers 18 UDCs, LDCs


KARACHI: Establishment of Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-West Deputy Collector (Establishment) Dr Noman Khan has issued transfer/posting orders of 18 officials, including UDCs and LDCs.

According to details, Akhtar Zaman (UDC) has transferred from Adjudication-I to AICT, Fakhruddin (UDC) transferred from Adjudication-I to Laboratory, Khawaja Mansoorul Hasan (LDC) transferred from Adjudication-I to Audit Section; Sufyan Suleman (LDC) transferred from Adjudication-I to FTA (Registration), Muhammad Shakeel (LDC) transferred from Adjudication-I to Cash/Accounts, Afzaal Abbas Hashmi (RS) transferred from Adjudication-I to Bond Section, Muhammad Junaid (LDC) transferred from Adjudication-II to BOML, Shafiuddin (UDC) transferred from Laboratory to Adjudication-I, Sardar Abdul Hameed (LDC) transferred from AICT to Adjudication-I, Muhammad Akbar (LDC) transferred from Audit Section to Adjudication-I, Irfan Khan (LDC) transferred from Group-VII to Adjudication-I, Muhammad Javed (LDC) from Cash/Accounts to Adjudication-I, Muhammad Irfan (LDC) from SR Cell to Adjudication-I, Sher Afzal (LDC) from SR Cell to Adjudication-I; Shahid Rauf (LDC) transferred from Import Section to Adjudication-II; Fareh Shaukat (UDC) transferred from West Wharf to Group-VII; Yaqoob Shah (LDC) transferred from BG Cell to AC Group-VIII and Nasimullah (LDC) transferred from Group-I to BG Cell.

According to the office order, the officials mentioned in Sr No 8 to 15 shall remain at the disposal of the Collectorate of Customs (Adjudication-I & II) for a period of three months. However; their replacement shall be made on receipt of satisfactory report from the Collectorate of Adjudication-I and II.

Before the issuance of the said office order, the Customs Today had highlighted the scarcity/shortage of manpower in the Customs Adjudication-I and II collectorates.