Tuesday , July 17 2018
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Deputy Collector Asma orders to impound NDP vehicle

Deputy Collector Asma orders to impound NDP vehicle

FAISALABAD: The Customs Adjudication Deputy Collector Asma Hameed has ordered to impound a Honda Accord Car under customs laws while issuing an Order in Original (ONO) in favor of the Customs Anti Smuggling Organization (ASO) Faisalabad.

Following information, the Customs ASO intercepted a Honda Car bearing registration no: LZS-380 near Jaranwala Road Faisalabad and asked the driver to show documents regarding legal import of the vehicle. But he failed to produce the same, besides the officials could not found online computer record of the vehicle on the website of motor registration authority.

The Customs ASO impounded the vehicle and sent its chassis for forensic test to Islamabad laboratory. The report of forensic lab revealed that the number was bogus and not original. The report also clarified that present chassis number is not original, so the case was sent for adjudication for further proceeding.

Meanwhile, no one appeared to defend the case from respondent side and nor any written reply was received from the respondent side to the adjudication department. While Inspector Ali Zahid appeared from the prosecution side and asserted that the seized vehicle fell under the ambit of section 2(s), of the Customs Act, 1969. He also asked the court to issue orders regarding the confiscation of the vehicle.

Therefore, Deputy Collector Asma Hameed after reviewing the record of the case commented that the charges leveled in the show cause notice, are established. He issued an ONO No, 106/2017 and ordered to impound the vehicle under Section 156(1)89(i) of the Customs Act, 1969 read with Clause (a) of the preamble of SRO 499(1)/2009.