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Deputy Collector Adjudication Saima orders to impound Mitsubishi Pajero

Deputy Collector Adjudication Saima orders to impound Mitsubishi Pajero

FAISALABAD: The Collectorate of Customs Adjudication Deputy Collector Saima Ayyaz ordered to impound Mitsubishi Pajero as no one appeared from respondent side to defend the allegation of smuggling.

Sources told Customs Today, the deputy collector heard a case forwarded by Anti-Smuggling Organization Mianwali against Javed Hussain after finding him involved in using non duty paid vehicle and issued an Order in Original (ONO) in favor of the customs department.

As per details, ASO Mianwali received information regarding a non-duty paid vehicle on which he formed a team. The team intercepted Mitsubishi Pajero bearing registration mo NHH-1377 at Bhakkar Road Mainwali. The man who was driving the vehicle introduced himself as Javed Hussain was asked to produce its registration book and any other documentary evidence showing its legal import or lawful possession of the subject vehicle.

He produced registration book, which showed chassis number as CLO48VEY100105. When the chassis number was physically checked it found as VEY 100105 instead of CL048VEY10015. The difference of the digits created doubt about the status of the chassis frame .The owner of the vehicle was asked to explain the position but no reply was received about it.

Therefore, the vehicle was impounded under Section 168(1) of the Customs Act 1969 and a notice was issued to the owner under Section 171of the Custom Act directing him to appear before the authority.

Later, the case was sent to the Customs Adjudication but no one appeared to defend the case from respondent despite giving ample opportunities of hearing.

Inspector Shah Mewaz appeared from the prosecution side and asked the deputy collector to order the confiscation of the vehicle.

After hearing arguments, the deputy collector issued ONO stating. It is, therefore established that the respondents have nothing to defend against the allegations framed in the show cause notice. The case is therefore decided on the bases of the facts and materials available on the file the charge framed in the show cause notice stand established.