Monday , December 17 2018
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Deputy Collector Adjudication issues ONO in favour of ASO

Deputy Collector Adjudication issues ONO in favour of ASO

LAHORE: Collectorate of Customs Adjudication Deputy Collector Shahzad Liaquat Ranjha issued Order-in-Original No 61/2018 in favour of Customs Preventive Anti Smuggling Organization.

Brief facts of the case as reported by the Superintendent of Customs ASO Lahore vide contravention report in case no: 322/2017 issued on 4.11.2017 that Customs Preventive ASO team intercepted 118 rolls of BOP film lying outside M/s Al Khair Pakistan Goods Forwarding Agency Opposite Gao Shala near Bhatti Chowk, Main Bund Road Lahore. On query a person came out from the said adda and identified himself as Karamat Ali and introduced as munshi of the said good forwarding agency. On demand he provided a bility no: 317 of November 3, 2017 issued by M/s Al Khair Pakistan Goods Forwarding Agency, Karachi showing transportation of 200 rolls of reel plastic from Karachi with recipients name as Imran out of which only 188 rolls were found available there. Therefafter detailed examination of the BOP film was conducted in presence of the said munshi and other independent witnesses which revaled foreign origin BOP film transparent (stickers are removed each roll) 118 rolls weighing 1382 kilograms.

On demand the above said munshi or any other person could not produce any documentary evidence or otherwise, in support of lawful possession of the above mentioned BOP Film. There were, thus sufficient reasons to believe that the BOP film was non duty paid and had been brought into the country in breach of restrictions and probhibitions for the time being.

ASO team seized the entire rolls under Customs Act 1969 and issued show cause notice to the owner of the films but despite issuing several notices the owner or any his representative failed to attend the proceeding.  Now deputy collector issued Order in Original in favour of ASO by declaring seizure of BOP film as legal.