Friday , June 22 2018
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Denmark to abandon EU, join new British Union

Denmark to abandon EU, join new British Union

COPENHAGEN: Ghost of reformatting is haunting around Western Europe, and more and more countries are ready to leave Germany-centric European Union.

Denmark, the most dynamic-at-the-moment federal government, is likely to become a new candidate for the escape from the German ship of the EU and entry into the new British Union.

The name of possible reorientation of the Danish Kingdom has already ben call – party New Right (Nye Borgerlige). This political organization is numbering only 3,000 people, but it has already received the right to vote in local elections in 2017 and parliamentary elections in 2019. The new right have got attractive “frontmen” – bright 41-year-old housewife Pernille Vermund and soapbox orator Peter Sayer Christensen.

The New Right come forward for termination of the reception of refugees, return to traditional Danish values, and the ban on the hijab. They demand from migrants to work and not to live due to benefit. The party proposes to end with the Scandinavian socialism in Denmark. In particular, it is proposed to cut taxes so drastically that the State Budget will simply can’t manage with financing of social obligations. At that Vermund suggests full refusal from tax for corporations, in particular, to turn Denmark into an offshore area – the perfect place of residence of large multinational corporations after the collapse of the EU. The main point of the program of the New Right implies Denmark’s withdrawal from the EU and the rapprochement with the Great Britain, beginning its Brexit.

This approach is in the context of the ideas of Daniel Hannan, the most ardent supporter of Brexit in the British Parliament, who believes that after leaving the EU the UK will be able to form a “friendly alliance” with the neighboring countries. Poland and Denmark are often referred to as the candidates for the “special relationship” with London. As British strategists conceive these two countries, joined by economic and political alliances, should build new relations of the British with the EU, or with what remains from it.